Sunday, April 19, 2015

Beyern Bounce

In a previous post, I mentioned the Bayern Bounce. For those who had watched the Breeders' Cup Classic, you know exactly what I am referring to.

At the break for the Classic, Shared Belief gets slammed as Bayern rockets out of the gate...sideways. There was a lot of debate about whether or not the eventual winner should have been disqualified. The main question was not whether or not he slammed into Shared Belief, but whether or not he did during the "jump" from the gate. Stewards give jockeys certain wiggle room when coming out of the gate. Seeing as it can be difficult to steer a charging horse to begin with, stewards give extra consideration when that horse is coming out of the gate. Whether or not the stewards made the right call is not really my concern. What is done is done. What is my concern is how long the complaints continued.

Was it the Bayern Bounce that cost Shared Belief the race? Maybe.
Maybe the gelding was simply out gunned that day too.
Would a horse the size of California Chrome been as affected? Maybe not.

Shared Belief is fairly small as far as race horses are concerned. That may of had a hand in the stewards decision. The bump would not have been as bad on a "normal" opponent. Does that change the fact it possibly changed the outcome of the race, causing Shared Belief to lose? Nope. It is just a theory. That bump had to hurt the little guy, even it was "just" his horse ego.

It reminds me of Goldikova.
In her fourth Breeders' Cup Mile win, she got beat up in the stretch. Being little as well, she got bounced around something fierce. I was waiting for an inquiry to be posted, but it never was. Like Shared Belief, it affected the outcome of the race. I don't know why it was dismissed, but it was. Nothing more than a theory and an interesting thought to ponder.

Stay safe. Stay sound. Stay savvy.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Modern Records Broken

As I was walking through the lanes of bloggy nostalgia, I came across a post about my favorite racehorse.
The horse holding this honored position is the unconquerable, invincible, unbeatable Cigar!

Much to my heart's regret, the great Cigar recently became the late, great Cigar. The beloved champion and fan favorite passed away October of 2014.  I was fortunate enough to see the stallion twice at Kentucky Horse Park's Hall of Champions. I know people always anthropomorphise animals-especially race horses-by saying things like "that horse knew he was special". Well, I'm sorry, but Cigar new he was special! There were plenty of other Champions in that presentation that acted like...well...horses. This wasn't disappointing. I love seeing famous horses being horses. Finding pictures of Zenyatta covered in mud or Wise Dan in blanket enjoying a paddock makes me happy. However, Cigar was able to be a horse while still knowing who he was. The stallion simply walked differently. Stood differently. Took in his surroundings differently.   Like Secretariat, he knew where the cameras were. He posed. He knew we were there to see him.

Cigar was also the only horse I have had 'look through me'. I first heard that phrase in the Seabiscuit movie when Tom Smith was getting his first look at Seabiscuit. The narrator lets us know that Smith felt like the horse looked through him. Cigar did that to me. When they brought him around to my side of the pavilion, he had his head up, staring at the distance as I happily clicked away. He ignored me for probably seven shots, and then-without shifting his head-he dropped his gaze to me. I was able to get one photo before I simply froze under his stare. With what I could only describe as horsey satisfaction, he returned his focus to whatever he looked at before. Is it possible that he was simply looking at me and the power of his legend is what caused me to pause? Sure. Does that make as good of a memory? No.
Is that what I actually think?

Back to the title of this post.
In what has become not so recent years, some of Cigar's records were challenged and broken. There was a big fuss made about how these records were finally defeated, but I had to question...were they? If by number, they certainly weren't as impressive.

Now, before you get your hackles up saying I'm just a Cigar follower, both the horses in question are also atop my favorites list: Curlin and Zenyatta.

Curlin beat Cigar's record for most earnings in won in North America. Cigar held that for years before Curlin came along, finally nudging the legend out of the winning position. However, Curlin earned more in fewer races. Cigar had to win more to earn that much. Arguably, he worked harder for it. So, how did Curlin beat him?

Were his connections just more direct with what purses the races they entered held? Curlin's connections sought out fame and fortune, whereas Cigar's did a lot of traveling to share their wonder horse. Because of this, he may have missed out on some bigger winnings.

Have the purses themselves increased? Think about the Breeders' Cup Classic. The purse to the winner has definitely grown there.

So, is that really a fairly broken record? I'm not so sure. This holds true not just for Curlin beating Cigar, but for whomever Cigar beat as well. With more and more money being poured into purses, I think the focus needs to be shifted on how many Graded Stakes did they win. How many were Grade Is? That is where records become impressive.

That thought brings us into my next case: Zenyatta's winning streak. As the mare pounded away at her competition while writing her legend, a lot of hype came about when she was getting ready to challenge Citation and Cigar's win streak. Any horse stringing together his many Graded wins is impressive. Was Zenyatta's triumph over these two boys as impressive? Undecided. While she did extend that streak to 19, she did it over a much longer time span than Citation or Cigar. On one hand, that shows formidable staying power. It is no easy feat to stay at the top of this game for that many years. On the other hand, she was not run nearly as much as her counterparts.

This is simply a different way to view titles and records. So often we place importance on success without looking at the path that got them there. Sometimes, we look at and reward success to a fault. Not allowing the horse to flounder and comeback.  I wonder how many more wins Zenyatta had under her girth after that close loss at Churchill. I wonder how much more money Curlin could have pulled together before the allure of the breeding shed stuck him into retirement. I wonder how many good horses were retired before they could become great simply because they broke a record. Thinking back to a horse named Aggie Engineer. He didn't manage to win until he was 5.  After that, he pulled together some more wins and decent efforts in Graded company. He was a good horse-in his own respect-that managed to sneak into greatness given the time. I wonder how many other horses were denied true greatness in favor of inflated reward? That sounds like another entry for another day. In the meantime...

Stay safe. Stay sound. Stay savvy.

More Than Blood

This is a post I have been meaning to get out forever. One of the topic horses has been standing at stud for 3 years. This idea started to percolate when he was only 2. However, as we are in full swing of the current foaling season, I figured there was no better time to discuss blood vs. the X factor.

People spend a lot of time and money on bloodstock agents. These people work tirelessly to make sure that horses are matched together in a hopeful perfection. Although, it would seem their time would be better suited to worshiping an X factor deity.

You cannot plan for that special horse. You cannot replicate that special horse, but you can keep trying.
My strongest case for this dates back to Barbaro. My heart still breaks for the would-be champion. Often after the Derby, my gut lurches as it relays to me that "nope. That one will not be winning the Triple Crown."
"But gut!" my heart argues, but my gut refuses to listen. Refuses to let me forget it's nagging reassurance that it is always right. Of course I still get caught up in hope and band wagoning as I attempt to ignore its prediction. I cheered for the plucky Funny Cide despite my gut cringing as the gelding took the lead in the Belmont instead of stalking the pace. I really wanted to believe Calvin when he said Mine That Bird would take the Crown. I was devastated that I'll Have Another was pulled from the Belmont. I was very hopeful that California Chrome would win one more for his fans. However, I also always grudgingly have that conversation with my gut. "Well, you were right...again. No Crown for me this year."  The only time my gut and heart were equally impressed and jumping on the same band wagon was after watching Barbaro.

I eagerly awaited his Preakness run. That horse had power, grit, heart, and class. That horse would also meet an untimely end before his potential could be fully realized. Regardless, his connections wanted to try again. So came into the world Barbaro's two full brothers, Nicanor and Lentenor.

Very few have probably heard of these two. Fewer actually remember them. Both of them turned in some wins at the allowance level. They made decent efforts in some Graded Stakes, but neither ever hit or neared the level of talent their brother held.

Same dam. Same sire. Same connections. Same hopes. Completely different outcomes. It makes you wonder what really makes a champion? Michael Martin Murphey hit the mark in his song "Run for the Roses." In the verse that I inevitably get teary at, he says, "From sire to sire, it's born in the blood. The fire of the mare, and the strength of the stud. It's breeding, and it's training, and it's something unknown, that drives you and carries you home."

I think that about sums up breeding. You need a certain quality of blood to increase your chances of creating a champion. Sure. I think we can agree to that logic. However, that X factor, that "something unknown" cannot be bred. It cannot be passed down. Dynaformer and La Ville Rouge were pressured into hopefully creating another Barbaro. They did not. Secretariat saw how many mares a year in hopes of making a "Big Red Jr."? He never did.

So good luck to all those foals who have hit the ground so far and all those we're still waiting for. I hope you hit the ground running with the "unknown" on your side.

Stay safe. Stay sound. Stay savvy.

California Chrome vs Shared Belief: It Continues...

A lot has happened since my last post.
California Chrome was named 2014 Horse of the Year.
Shared Belief won the much anticipated rematch.

And yes...people are still complaining, still fighting, and still missing it.
I have to give fans credit thought. There is a lot more, "dude...chill out...they are both great" comments floating around the Internet with this rivalry.

However, the fallout from the Horse of the Year decision was fairly despicable. Personally, I was not terribly impressed with the nominees to begin with, but I have been spoiled with having the power house Wise Dan as a shoe in. Of the choices, I was surprised to find out anyone was...well...surprised! Kentucky Derby winners almost always get "bonus points" when it comes to voting. Throw in a Preakness victory, and they almost give you the title there. Obviously, this is not always the case, but it does seem to sway a lot of voters.

Regardless, the win did not warrant the reaction it received from some fans. Comments flung about how: the voters did not use their brains; the voters were swayed by emotion; California Chrome didn't deserve to win; Shared Belief is a better horse (yet no comments about how he wasn't even a finalist...); blah blah blah! Seriously though, do these people note realize how voting works? They didn't just go up to the casual fan and ask "who do you like?" Nope. (Although...if they did California Chrome STILL would have won. Remember the Vox Populi Award? Chromies do.) The voters have more prerequisites than "I like horse racing!" Still, they can vote how they want. Sure, they will look at number and types of wins, times, the company they beat, etc., but there is no stopping them from simply going "I like this horse." There were plenty of things to sway the other two candidates out of contention. Let's be honest...after the Bayern bump in the Classic, he wasn't going to win. Although people do use logic, the heart wins a lot too. As for Main Sequence, I cannot say, but I can speculate a lot of people were playing the what if game. "What if Wise Dan hadn't been sidelined most of the season?" There are some ideas that had to be floating around in the minds of votes, just as I can guess some simply went "I can't stand Steve Coburn." (Again, I have nothing against the guy. There are other owners I have bigger problems with.)

Anyway, California Chrome won guys. Get over yourselves. Besides, it wasn't but a few short weeks before you got your win as well! The 2015 San Antonio Stakes was an anticipated rematch between the two stars after Shared Belief got the bump in the Classic. Both horses had a good race; both horses had no excused. Shared Belief came out on top. No Chromies, don't diss the little guy. No Beliefers, don't take away big guy's HoY title. I think Shared Belief has more heart and grit than California Chrome does. I think that came out during the San Antonio. Chrome had no excuses during that race. It just seemed like Shared Belief wanted it more, and so he won it.

Again, I think we need to get away from the name calling and horse hating. Pick a side when they are in a race together if you'd like (or bet the exacta box), but we should be enjoying this rivalry. I am. I am loving the fact we had two, strong three year-olds stay sound enough to come back in the 2015 season. I am grateful to the owners for sharing these horses with us. I am looking forward to watching this rivalry grow. I am eagerly awaiting the next rematch.

Stay safe. Stay sound. Stay savvy.

Friday, January 9, 2015

California Chrome or Shared Belief?

Whew. It's been a long vacation, but what better way to get back into the swing of things than to talk about two of the hottest guys this season?

So, which camp do you fall under? Team California Chrome or Team Shared Belief? Remind me again why we have to choose?

I have a guilty pleasure...I love reading Internet comments. Even though they always upset me, I read them anyway. They make me think. They make me question. Recently, I have noticed a rise to GO CHROME vs SHARED BELIEF RULES! It got me thinking...which one do I like better?

This was tough.  I was a fan of Shared Belief to win the Kentucky Derby well before he was injured and taken off the Derby trail. I was saddened that I wouldn't get to watch the gelding dominate. As for California Chrome, I picked him out because I liked him name. Trace might say "her favorite color is chrome". Then he started to stack together wins. Then he went to the Kentucky Derby. A Kentucky Derby I was fortunate enough to see live. I liked him. I liked his story. I liked Sherman's story. I liked his owner's story. I liked the fact I was able to go back to the betting window to cash out on my win.

I am not going to break down stats and stories of these horses. No, I'm going to focus on the division I have seen cropping up between these two horses.  Why? Why do we do this? We take two great horses...pick one to back...and insist that the other isn't worth their weight in salt.

Point #1
When the two aren't even in the same race, the other camp feels the need to go "So and so would have won!"
Would they have? Who's to say. This is horse racing. You could be the hands down favorite and that X factor crops up and destroys your chance (like ripping your leg open at the start of the Belmont...or having a big brown colt ram into you at the start of the Classic).

Point #2
"So and So's connections are better than So and So's."
(This is going to be more California Chrome based. I've seen Shared Belief's great races but not seen nearly as much pre and post race coverage as I have for Chrome.)

Well...that would be an opinion wouldn't it? A lot of people thought Coburn's reaction at the Belmont (and his jab at Churchill during the Preakness) was uncalled for and simply unprofessional. Personally, I think the press knew he was a hot head and should have left the heart broken optimist alone after such a devastating loss. Perhaps after a day to calm down and reflect, he would have been able to talk with a little more thought and composure.

Now, does this bad part of Chrome's connections take away from the good? What about Art Sherman? Does he not get any points for what he has done? Personally, he seems to be a pretty level-headed and straight forward. He presents well and has said anything worth the hate.

Finally (and admittedly, this took me awhile to enforce in my own life...I'm still working on it), why hate on the horse because of his people? Does that take away from the horse's accomplishments? No. I still have a few trainers or owners that make me gag. Does that mean I can't like their horse? It really shouldn't, but to many people it does.

Point #3
You're going to miss it!

All this mess and hate filled commentary to the other side reminds me very the great war: Zenyatta vs. Rachel Alexandra. People are STILL going on about how much better one mare was over the other. Most recently, there was a Rachel lover hating how little "love" the mare got on her Facebook page. Yea, first's Facebook. Are the mares really counting how many 'likes' they get in a day? Second thing, Zenyatta's team is still keeping that horse in the public's eye meaning there is more opportunity for 'love' to be had.

I digress...

However, I do remember when this battle raged on. When you read comments or talked to people about the two horses, you had to have a side. You had to root for one mare over the other. Because of this attitude along with me being young and dumb, I choose a side. My siding with Zenyatta probably had more to with being angry that Rachel beat Mine That Bird in the Preakness, and, remember that hating the connections point I just made? Yes, there was some of that involved to.  Still, I lost the opportunity to enjoy the accomplishments of an exceptionally talented filly because I had to choose a side.

So fans, if you have missed either of these great boys this season because you like one over the other...STOP! It is horse racing. You don't have to love Seabiscuit and hate War Admiral. You don't have to root for Jess's Dream and throw Cozmic One aside. Enjoy California Chrome and Shared Belief for what they are: great. Like them both. Bet an exacta box. Enjoy the talent we are lucky to see return for a 4 year old campaign.

I'm looking forward to a great rivalry between these two. All I can say is I hope everyone else can too.

Stay safe. Stay sound. Stay savvy.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

This is impressive!

I don't care how you do it 20 for 20 with 18 of this being THIS YEAR!

Monday, Rapid Redux won his 20th career win in a row! This broke Zenyatta's record and he is close to matching Citation's since he has won 18 of these victories this year! This is what the sport it about. Horses going out and running, winning, and gaining a bigger fan base. Allowance, claimer, what have you, this is not easy! Awesome awesome job Rapid Redux! May you keep going strong!

Amazing job Rapid Redux! Go Baby Go!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Lasix...what about it?

There has been a lot of fuss recently about banning Lasix on Race Day here in America. The question is...should we?

I was honestly all for it, but then you get to reading, and it really can jumble your opinion. Why are we the only ones to use it on race day...are we wrong, or actually right? Should horses have to bleed to be put on it, or is it more humane to just give it to them? What about the rest of the world's horses? Are they seriously not bleeding? Is that because they don't get scoped for it? Because if it happens frequently the horse is forced into retirement? Because they breed "easy" bleeders out of the gene pool? Do they have other methods to prevent it?

There are just so many questions to ask, and no matter how many articles you read, it feels like you never get the straight story. They all seemed to be biased one way or another.

However, like it or not, North America is beginning to change the laws on Lasix. The Breeders' Cup has already stated a plan for a change. They are going to start by banning Lasix for 2 yr olds, and about the time the 2yr olds are in the "older horse" division, all horses running the The Breeders' Cup will be Lasix free on race day. There is talk about trying to pass a law that makes Graded races ban Lasix or risk losing the "graded" status. This is exactly the kind of talk going on in New York. A senator has introduced a bill to ban race day use of Lasix entirely.

I just can't help but think about the great horses of the past. Did they not bleed as much, or just not enough to be visible without scoping? Is that the case, or are our current crop of horses (running, breeding, all of them) truly just that weak in comparison? Did Man O' War have a bleeding problem? Is this like the other problems we are seeing in our horses these days: breakdowns, fewer starts, shorter careers? I just don't know.

Should Lasix be banned? I don't know. But one way or another, the near future holds the answer.Did he need this stuff to win the first Derby?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Delaware Handicap

Wow wow wow!! What a race! The older filly and mare division is definitely the hot group this season. Blind Luck and Harve de Grace squared off again in another thrilling stretch battle! Just watch it!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Slower Fractions, Fewer Fractures.

So many people this Derby season were complaining about how slow the horses ran in each of the jewels. Aside from the speedy opening times in the Preakness, many (novice and professionals alike) thought this to be the slowest and weakest crop of 3 yr old colts ever. I don't know about you, but I feel like we have been hearing this rant (or excuse) for more than a few years. Every time we get through the Triple Crown with no standouts, it's a weak crop of colts. So how many times are we going to say this before we do something about it?

This year has been crazy with the sideline list. While some colts, such as Uncle Mo, were taken out of training for reasons beyond a fracture, many are taking a break because of sustaining one.
Tapizar-Chip in the knee
Nehro-Chip in the ankle
Dialed In-Chip in the knee
Premier Pegasus-Cannon bone fracture
and now...
Kentucky Derby winner Animal Kingdom likely won't race until next March due to a fractured hock.

As mentioned, these are just the horses out for bone fractures, not to mention To Honor and Serve, Boys At Tosconova, and Jaycito who are out with ligament, back, and hoof problems respectively. What is going on? Many of these horses where either 2 yr old stars or thought to be the potential stars of the Triple Crown series. So my next question...what can be done?

We have taken out the steroids, are tinkering with the idea of banning Lasix, we've tried introducing polytrack and other softer surfaces (which leads to lots of complaints about 'real' horses running on 'real' dirt...need I mention the Zenyatta haters?) but still our horses are breaking down and the industry stands divided.

In a time when we really need a stand out superstar to win the public's hearts in the Triple Crown races and then stay and run a few more season, we can't even achieve the former. It is becoming all to common for us to shrug our shoulders and dismiss injuries as 'part of the sport' but instead, we need to be finding the cause. Perhaps the answer is in allowing or banning various drugs, making tracks that benefit the horses, jockeys, and all running types, or maybe even doing a breeding overhaul. Whatever, just do it already! I don't care if breeding for endurance and stability means we start running the Derby in 2:08+. If I get to see how my Derby fav does in his 4 yr and 5 yr old season, I think I will take that hit in speed. At this point, I just want to enjoy them on the track and have the horses enjoy running again.(Differentiate, Arlington Park-July 17th 2010)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dangerous Weather and a Close Call

This has been a crazy year for weather with flooding and tornadoes. Until now, there would be no reason for these horrifying storms to make it onto this blog, but yesterday Churchill Downs was hit by a bad storm.

While many barns and backside buildings underwent great damage, luckily (as of tonight) no horses nor humans were hurt in the storms. Due to the destruction, many horses escaped their stalls and were running loose around the grounds, but all have been safely caught. Neighboring tracks are opening their stalls and so far racing has been canceled.

For more picks, try this link to the Kentucky Derby's Facebook Page.

What a rough spring/summer this has been!

(Picture from

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jaycito and The Factor Out

Jaycito was taken out of Derby consideration because they want to give the hoof more time to heal. Trainer Bob Baffert and owner Ahmed Zayat both feel it is better to give him the time now and not risk ruining him by running him before he is ready. Zayat said he and Bob would never run a horse just for the sake of running. Given the stakes and the prestige of the Derby, I think this really shows a good minded owner and trainer.

The Factor is also out. After his devastating loss in his last start, he was found to have a displaced palate. Baffert feels the colt will not be fully recovered after the corrective surgery to run.

So much talent is missing the Derby. Who will win?

Friday, April 22, 2011

Jess Jackson

Owner of such greats as Rachel Alexandra and Curlin, Jess Jackson died today due to cancer related complications.

Although I honestly don't know much about the man, I do know that he campaigned two great horses to the public that loved them longer than most owners would feel necessary. He brought both horses back to the track to defend their title after their first Horse of the Year win, and luckily for him and Curlin, was rewarded by another title. That's the kind of ownership I like in horse racing. This horse is hot, everyone knows it, everyone likes them...let's bring them back a season before retiring to the shed. If we had more of that it may help the fan base.

So thank you Jess Jackson for giving us your horses time and time again. May you rest peacefully and may that colt next year be a good'n in your memory.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Why are all of my pre-Derby favorites getting injured?

No joke, the horses I was hoping to see in the gate and make a run for greatness but are injured:
Boys At Tosconova
Jaycito (hope he can recover in time. Fingers still crossed)
Premier Pegasus
To Honor And Serve

I'm afraid to back any other horses lest they be stricken down with some sort of ailment. As serious contenders I really only have a few more left in the race. Hopefully the other horses will remain healthy and we can still salvage some of what looked to be a very promising crop of 3 yr-olds.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Bit of Irony

For those of you unaware Zenyatta was bred to Bernardini and Rachel Alexandra to Curlin. Although I personally don't care, nor did I want to know, the exact time and how well Z's breeding went, her sight along with ESPN let everyone know, while another article dealt with the potential superstar Curlin and Rachel could produce. And oh dear...

The Z and Rachel ranters are at it again! Not only still talking about how Blame should beat HOY and Z is just a poly no-one, but how Z should still have beaten out Rachel for HOY the previous year. Beyond that, people are already loving or hating to foals! We don't even know if either mare took yet let alone that Z's baby will not run until she is four only to be in restricted races on synthetics or that Rachel's baby will suck the doors of Z's. Someone else said that the Rachel/Curlin pairing was a joke...that Bernardini has absolutely nothing to offer as a stud for he was another nobody. It's ridiculous but a little hilarious at the same time. Some people are happy at the on going rivalry while others simply want to move on! Especially since we have Rick Dutrow on his 64th suspension (64th!) for illegal drugging of horses to the point where NY racing is considering revoking his training liscense and as for's Triple Crown season people! Let's focus on the horses actually on the track! We could have a history maker this year and people will still be talking about two unborn foals. Really now.

So let's start looking forward to May! I'm getting excited! Of course, I have also already been let down... For whatever reason, I must admit, I cannot root for Uncle Mo. I know he is an amazing horse. I saw him win the Juvenile! There is no denying that he is and should be the Derby fav, but I just...don't like his name! Call me crazy but I like picking horses whom I think run fine and have a good name to boot (obviously personal preference here). That being said, my favorite 3 year old name goes to the colt, Jojo's Mojo. My nickname plus the name of my cat. I pretty much have to be a fan. However, he's not in the same class as these other my other picks? Boys At Tosconova...oh wait...pulled off the Derby trail because of no seen injury. He was just not working right and they don't want to screw the boy up. I can respect that. Ok, so Tapizar! Again...opps. Poor colt was taken off the road to the roses due to a bone chip. So I don't know whom I'm rooting for. I kind of like To Honor and Serve (we will see how he does in the Fountain of Youth), and Jaycito (again, just like the name). What about you guys? Any early picks?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Shipping News Swims

Shipping News was pulled up early in a race today before shortly collapsing on the track. The horse was suffering from heat exhaustion and was treated accordingly. After being taken care of, he regained enough strength and began running around the course until he finally jumped into the lake in the Tampa Bay Downs infield. Apparently people eventually got pantless to go in after him. Bizarre incident indeed. Hope he recovers quickly and fully.

For the full article check out ESPN.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Calvin to Dubai

Calvin Borel has been selected from American jockeys to take on a group of international jockeys at Dubai.

The spunky jockey was chosen because of his Kentucky Derby win on Super Saver. Calvin seems super happy be have been selected and feels it is a great honor to be respresenting the USA in thie jockey competition.

He will have to face some strong competition but hopefully his talent will shine through and he can ride the rail to victory.

Good Luck Calvin!

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Sport of Kings Bows to the Queen!

Congrats to all who one awards tonight and mega mega congrats to Zenyatta!! 2010 Horse of the Year!

Other Winners:
3 yr old colt- Lookin At Lucky
3 yr old filly- Blind Luck
2 yr old colt- Uncle Mo
2 yr old filly- Awesome Feather
Older Horse- Blame
Older Mare- Zenyatta
Male Sprinter- Big Drama
Female Sprinter- Dubai Majesty
Turf Mare- Goldikova
Turf Horse- Gio Ponti
Steeplechase- Slip Away
Top Jockey- Ramon Dominguez
Top Trainer- Todd Pletcher

Most of these I found to be no brainers, but after all the fuss for HOY I'm so glad it went to Zenyatta! I'm sure there will be many who thought she didn't deserve it but apparently those who decide the top horses thought she was something special! Needless to say many of the fans thought so too! Blame, you ran a good race too, and despite what many say will be remembered throughout time as the horse the beat Queen Z. Congrats Zenyatta and all the other winners! Can't wait to see what will happen this year! Best of health to all those running and riding!

Pic From NY Times Slideshow
Title from NTRA's BC Promo. It made me go.
Also Check Out Zenyatta's Online Diary

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mega Happy

I had thought I could only dream of such a thing...but thanks to some awesome parents, I AM GOING TO THE BREEDER'S CUP!
Needless to say, I am a wee bit excited! Not only do I get to see the best of the best competing all in one day, have a chance to see some very famous jockeys both retired and in the irons, but I get to see Zenyatta's last race. Bittersweet indeed but I am glad that I can say I actually saw her! Makes me want her to win that much more! (Even though the ticket that I will get for her will not be cashed in).

But yay! I can't wait for it! Going to be a super day!

Can't wait to share pictures that I don't have to provide citations for! =D
(Unlike the Breeder's Cup Logo used:

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Gio Ponti Does His Thing

I don't know about you guys, but these horses that prefer to have a late charge are starting to give me health issues! Even though this is personally my favorite thing to watch in races (along with, of course, a horse leading by a lot then winning by even more all the way around) it is seriously terrifying when the horse you are rooting for is making that late charge! Oi!

That being said, Gio Ponti did his thing again this weekend and easily won the Shadwell Turf Mile at Keenland park. He put in a performance I would definitely want to see my horse do before the Breeder's Cup races. Gio Ponti looked pretty easy going throughout the race and held off a group of fellow late runners.

With this brilliant run under his belt, Gio Ponti is headed for Churchill to take on the the other potential champions in the Breeder's Cup. However, it is still undecided whether he will run in the Turf Mile against super European Mare Goldikova, or in the Classic against a rather strong dirt field and of course Zenyatta. Interesting choices, I'm sure they have their reasons for debating that choice.

Congrats Gio Ponti! Continue to run strong and healthy!(Pic from: and go them from:

Sunday, October 3, 2010

She Gone and Done It Again!

Wow Wow Wow! Zenyatta is still undefeated! Simply amazing! Although, I wish she wouldn't scare us like that!

For those of you who watched, didn't you worry for a little bit that maybe Switch had her? Ack! But I should not lack confidence in this mare! She always gets the job done! I loved it when Jerry asked Mike as he passed whether Mike felt he had that race, and Mike just grinned and nodded with enthusiasm! What an amazing team!

Also, Wow! Look a that little filly! Switch is going to be something to watch! Now having taken down Blind Luck and giving Zenyatta a wonderful show of heart and grit, she will surely make a ruckus at the Breeder's Cup! Good luck to you Switch!

As for the Breeder's Cup...Good luck in the Classic Zenyatta! I have absolutely NO doubts that she can win this race! But if it is true that she has never given a full 100%, I think she is going to need to give it that day. It's going to be a tough field after a long travel on the dirt. But again, I don't think it's out of her reach in the slightest!

As my poll shows, I think Zenyatta should and will be Horse of the Year regardless. And I don't want to hear it from haters about how you can't be Horse of the Year just by beating a bunch of mares and 'weak' horses on synthetics. She is beating the best that is out there right now. What was the number they said yesterday? 60 some horses have been beaten by Zenyatta at least once? That's quite a few. If she could just add a few more to her list, she's got HOY locked in, but I think she should anyway.

Well Zenyatta, make this next race bittersweet! Bitter because it will be your last, but oh so sweet because you wipe the dirt with those boys! Good luck! Hope she forever stays healthy and strong!


Thursday, September 30, 2010

Real Quiet

1998 Three year-old Champion and closest almost winner of the Triple Crown, Real Quiet, passed this previous Monday after a fall in his paddock.

Winner of 6 races. Five of which included the Hollywood Futurity in '97, The Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes in '98 (losing the Belmont by barely a nose) and the Hollywood Gold Cup and Pimlico Special in '99.

He was an amazing horse and good stallion.

RIP Real Quiet, the racing world will miss your power.

(Picture from the picture tribute of this amazing horse:

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oh Dear, Rachel's Retired

Well, it happened. Reining horse of the year Rachel Alexandra has been retired.
That's the bad news. The GOOD news is it wasn't injury related. When I saw the head line...I was "Oh dear, what happened to the poor gal?" But luckily (as lucky as one can get when retired) she's still as healthy as ever. Her racing form, however, simply never returned to the bang up filly she was last year.For the record, I don't like her trainer...I don't think he quite knows how to keep horses in their prime, because once he gets them it seems that they drop from fame fast. But, I'm sure he knows more than me on the subject! It's just something to chew over. At least he was patient with her and gave her the chance to be the best she could be!

So now Rachel leaves the track to a "less stressful" life of breeding (other than the pregnancy, birthing, and pain the the a** colts, it's pretty easy =P ) and her first match.....*drum roll* Two time HOY Curlin. Yea, that's right. I don't know about you, but I think this could be an interesting match. I hope all goes well with RA and her colts will forever make a ruckus on the tracks!

Cheers Rachel Alexandra, if nothing else, you gave us a few amazing performances to remember!

(Thank you Google for having a good collection and these sites for having good pictures)

In order of their appearance:

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Races Worth a Million!

WOW! That was an incredible race! Just when you thought Gio Ponti had it won, here comes little Debussy on the rail, with his jock pulling a "Calvin Borel" as the announcer called it by flying up the rail!
Gio Ponti and his jockey ran a great race! Coming in a close second, and even though he thought he had it won, the jockey kept urging Gio Ponti on. However, Debussy just "sprouted wings" and ran down the turf champion! I was super excited, because, although I like Gio Ponti (and General Quarters who was regretably way out of the money) I randomly picked Debussy before the post parade because I thought he was pretty and it was odd he wasn't being ponied. (And if you watched after the race, he was trying to bite that his pony horse the entire way back the winner's circle!) When I saw a horse come flying up the rail, I was "come on Gio Ponti! Hold it!" then I saw it was my colt and was "COME ON!!!! CATCH HIM!!! GO BABY GO!!" Funny how things change!

Simply amazing!

Paddy O'Prado was 1st in the Secretariat Stakes, Dean's Kitten coming in 5th.
Eclair de Lune was the winner of the Beverly D. there as well.
Elsewhere at Saratoga, Blind Luck took the win against Devil May Care! Wow! Congrats! If betting I would have been safe here too! Seeing as I would have placed both to win! So, lost one won one! But wow that was a neat race! Blind Luck came zoomin from behind to get into a stretch battle with Harve De Grace. Amazing!

And just an odd tidbit, Debussy the person was a composer of a song called Clair de Lune. Neat!

Congrats to all the winning connections! I hope all the horses come back healthy!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Synthetics Are Out

Santa Anita announced that the track will no longer be synthetic as of the first week of December. After encountering problems with rocks from the base making their way to the surface of the rack, as well as facing endless drainage problems, the dirt surface will be making a comeback.

I'm sure many people are going to be happy about this switch, and hopefully "PolyZen" as some people call the mighty mare, will be just as formidable on her home track after the change.

If the maintenance of these synthetic surfaces is as hard as they seem to be, perhaps this change is for the better. I know the jockeys have had issues with these new surfaces, saying they don't provide the "bounce" that a dirt track does, meaning, if the jockey falls off it's like hitting cement. So, for track maintenance workers as well as the jockeys, this is a good change. Hopefully, the horses will continue to run well on dirt and the number of breakdowns will stay down.
For more details on the track change, check out: Santa Anita Track to go to Dirt

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Zenyatta yatta yatta

She went and did it again! Super Mare Zenyatta won her 18th race Saturday in the Hirsch Stakes. In her same attitude she started picking off horses around the last turn and pulled away in the stretch, holding off a desperate and impressive chase by Rinterval, who would lose by a head. I love watching this mare go. The track announcer makes comments about how easily she loads into the gate, how wonderfully she breaks, the easy pace she runs at, and ears...that's mare never runs with her ears back! I am beyond happy that they continued her career, it is obvious this girl just loves to run!
I do not care what anyone else thinks (primarily commenters on ESPN's online coverage), this mare can be and is a Champion! No matter the surface she runs on or the horses she beats. I don't care what happens in Churchill this fall, if she loses, she loses, but you cannot tell me that revokes her power in her previous 18 races! But whatever, I think she has the potential to win the BC Classic this year. She can handle the distance, I do believe she has handled dirt a few times, and she can and has handled top males. Yes, this one will be difficult for her! She has to beat Quality Road, Lookin At Lucky, and hopefully Rachel Alexandra! That is one heck of a field! She will have to work for it, but I think it is possible!

Other news this weekend, the arguable best older colt, Quality Road, lost out to Blame this weekend in the Whitney Handicap. With this win, Blame automatically secured a spot in the Breeder's Cup Classic through the win and your in program. Blame put on one heck of a performance, with a strong late charge. It was really impressive. In that same race my favorite racing gelding, Mine That Bird, came in fifth...out of six...still love you dude!
Concord Point was also the victor in Saturday's West Virginian Derby. After having some gate issues, he broke well and took the lead early. After that, the grey simply never let it go! Another awesome race!
Congrats to all the winning connections this weekend! It was a weekend full of big races and bigger racers! Hope all the horses come up healthy and work clean to their next start!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fantastic Fillies!

Congrats to a couple of incredible girls for two first places victories today!

Devil May Care pulled off a GI victory in the Coaching Club American Oaks at Saratoga and won by a respectable 4 lengths. This is her second GI win (the other being the Mother Goose) since the Derby, showing the world she still has what it takes to be one heck of a filly!
And the other win of the weekend goes to Super Filly Rachel Alexandra. She took down the crowd at Monmouth Park in the Lady's Secret Stakes. After stalking Queen Marth throughout the race, Rachel took to the lead to win by 3 lengths.
Love these ladies! Continue to stick it to 'em girls!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fun Racing in the Sun!

Ok, again I want to say how much I LOVESS Equibase's Virtual Stable! Because of their service, I was aware that Dean's Kitten (a Derby pick of mine) and General Quarters were running at Arlington Park on the some begging for rides...I GOT TO GO!

It has been way way way too long since I've seen racing at the actual track, and boy was it fun! (Even if it did get into the upper 90s). The TV simply does NOT do the speed of those magnificent animals speed! I loved it!
Most of my day was running back and forth from paddock to trackside getting pictures! It was so much fun, despite the massive draining affect it had.
And Goodness! General Quarters! Can there be a prettier grey out there? Wow, he is simply stunning in the flesh! I was way too excited to see him walk past me, a mere few feet away. AWESOME!!

Dean's Kitten is a pretty boy! He ran well too! He ended up getting 4th in his race, after actually getting 3rd but being DQ'd to 4th after running into another horse in the stretch, due to a left handed whip. Oh well...He was still pretty!

My handicapping, well that needs some work. >.< All the horses I bet on were out of the money (or DQ'd...Dean's Kitten, sadness) The last race we saw I didn't bet, but picked a horse just for fun...and well, of course that horse won. -_-'

Mam Bird (The horse that I should have bet on) was totally amazing to see horses I actually knew. It was beyond exciting!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Plonk's Got a Point

So, in case you don't know, I read a lot of ESPN horse articles, and Jeremy Plonk is definitely one of my favorite journalist.

His latest article "All the Ducks are in Line" outlines the ideas behind what could revive the horse racing industry for the public. Many people say "you need a superstar horse" but Plonk argues, how many more do you need?

We have a lot of strong horses out there right now, making this years Breeder's Cup Classic a must see race this year. But Plonk argues that the public is still not that interested. Everything is there, good horses, good people, and even a (hopefully) good movie coming. So if it doesn't happen now, what will it take? Much more than a good horse probably.

It's a really good article. Totally worth the read, check it out!

And also, Mine That Bird is making his debut this Sunday in the Firecracker at Churchill! Go Baby Go!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Silly Video Games

All right, this shouldn't come as a huge surprise to anyone, but I am a frequent player of horse racing games. Of course you go through some of these games and go, "Hey! That looks like...(some horse)" but of course, the do simply look like the real thing. In fact, these games come with a disclaimer:

Any resemblance to any human or animal, living or dead, is simply coincidental and unintentional.

Or something like that. You get the picture, they don't mean to have the horses be another horse. (Except in the NTRA published game, in which point you can race the legend, it's fun and an exception) But general game play horses are not meant to be anything but fictional.

However, I am currently playing GI Jockey 3...and they are doing a bad job of hiding these real life horse replicas. For far I have come across:

Pint Given
Lemon Syrup Kid
Peripheral Ensign
The Min Man
Winning Honors
Street Ply
Go For Band
Sunday Science
DC Indy
Easy Grower

These horses are the same coat color, gender, and run under the same colors they did on the track. Yea, totally a coincidence. I'm just hoping I come across a super awesome bay named Cigarette or maybe a chestnut named Man O' Peace....War Sergeant vs SeaMuffin?

Don't get me wrong, I totally love this game! I just find it really find it funny that this is supposed to be merely a coincidence and totally unintentional. If you play this game, let me know what other horses are out there!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


First off, I am totally happy I finally got around to creating a virtual stable on Equibase! Updates on all my favorites e-mailed to me, such as Mine That Bird breezing 5 furlongs in 55 seconds at Churchill. Heck yea, run little dude.

But on another note, it has also allowed me to track Barbaro's littler brothers. Nicanor especially has been left out of much media attention due to his lack of a Derby bid, but I am glad to report that the little guy won one today at Delaware Park. Awesome Awesome!

Congrats Nicanor! Keep it going!

(Pic from the Blog CatsWorking)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Love These Girls!

What a weekend!
Just wanted to send my congrats to Rachel Alexandra for making one hell of a comeback! We knew you would make it back to the top! And also to Zenyatta! Way to be girl! Congrats on yet another win and a record at that!

Keep it up girls! Show the nation what you got!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Belmont 142

And yet again, I am thinking wow! I do like it when a horse wins that got little attention from the press. I thought that stretch run was pretty fierce! But Drosselmeyer showed the most heart and determination and crossed the wire first!

Congrats to Drosslmeyer and double congrats to Mike Smith (I really do like him) and Bill Mott for their first Belmont wins!! And to WinStar Farm, winning two of the three Triple Crown Races. This Triple Crown season was filled with a lot of first, and wow it was fun!

And more good news, this is the first gem that I actually had a horse finish in the money!! Thanks to First Dude, I actually came away feeling almost ok about my handicapping skills. And for the record, I was also rooting for Game On Dude (Love Baffert and I Love geldings) as well as Stay Put (Like the name) who finished 4th and 6th respectively. Sorry Ice Box! Waiting to see what they think happened there, hope you're ok.

What fun! I hope all the horses come up healthy! Can;t wait to see what these colts will do for us in the future!

Changing the Triple Crown...Should They?

Should they change the format of the Triple Crown? People have been asking this for years, as after each season we go longer and longer without seeing a triple victory. So what to do?
Many people feel that with modern day race horses, it is simply not right to ask them to run that many races in that short of a time frame. And they make a point. Most of these modern-day, top level racehorses touch the track once every month or so, if you really have something special, you may be able to pop out a monthly race. But with so much invested in breeding, and the scary relaity that horses break down frequently, people run them less. And I feel it is true, these horses are not made the same as the older ones especially since we entered the new milenia. It's all about speed, so the horses require more time to recover after a race than their ancestors. What should be changed, if anything?

People argue to change the distance of the races...personally...erm why? That would definitely be changing too much, and I don't think the distances are THAT varying to affect a great horse.Yes, the Belmont is the longest race these horses may ever run, but it's the Triple Crown! Something has to distinguish greatness.

The other aspect of the Crown people are the time in between races. Again, seeing as theses horses don't run as often as the greats of the past, should be give them a Triple Crown series which is more realistic for the times? I will admit, if they are going to make a change, this is the one they should make. Perhaps we would get a more constant field, and a larger fan base around the horses, which would be great! It would make more of the top horses come to the tracks more frequently, Great! The best three-year olds would face off more often, Great!! Who knows, if the Crown was ran say, one race a month, perhaps Rachel (or less likely but more amazingly, Mine That Bird, sorry I love him) would have won it! Wouldn't that have been amazing? However, I can't lie, I would go completely crazy whenever they say "so and so won the Triple Crown," because they won the modified Triple Crown. Now, if they could bite their tongue and at the very least, not compare a modified Triple Crown to the current method, I would be ok. But comparing a modified Triple Crown winner to a traditional Triple Crown winner, would just be irritating.

I know people are really talking about making changes this year because this is the first time in a long time, that neither the Derby winner nor the Preakness winner are taking part in the Belmont. But...I don't think that is a huge deal, not this year. I remember very clearly they announcers talking rather lowly of the crop of three year-olds that showed up to the Derby. They were unhappy with the horses in the DERBY! Why would they think they field would be any better in the Belmont?

Personally, I don't think all hope is lost when it comes to a modern day colt winning the current Triple Crown grind. Since just 2000, two horses have shown, that if their Derby trip had gone better, they would have won the Triple. Point Given and Afleet Alex lost the Derby, but came back to win both the Preakness and Belmont. Not to mention Point Given's daddy, Thunder Gulch, who won the Derby and came back to win the Belmont in '95.

So what do you think? Should they change it to accommodate the new type of racehorse? Or should we be patient and wait for that special horse that is going to blow the nation away?
ESPN's poll (with 16,000+ voters so far) currently stands at:
Changing distance=6%
Adding more time in between=25%
Changing distance and adding time=18%
Leave it alone=51%

As much as I would LOVE to see a traditional Triple Crown winner, I am, and always will be what is best for helping the industry gain interest, and of course, what is best for the horses.

(Yes, it's Rock Hard Ten, he ran in the Gems, but well...we know how that turned out. But he is a favorite of mine! That horse was a monster! Anyway, this is from, is for sale, and is beautiful!)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Quality Road

Ok, so he was always in my picks when he raced, but never really for the top spot. Last I remember him, he was causing quite a fuss at the Breeder's Cup, such a fuss he was forced to scratch. But after three wins already this year, perhaps I should change my betting style!Quality Road is really starting to be a top top contender! After winning the Metropolitan this past weekend, he is right on track with the path Pletcher hopes will take him back to the Breeder's Cup. I can't wait to watch him continue his career! Stay Strong and Healthy! Best luck to you!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

I Was Not Looking at Lucky

Dang. I need to take a handicapping class. Super Saver, sorry bud, I think you just lost your hole and found yourself behind a wall of horses with no where to go!
However, Congrats to Lookin' At Lucky! Glad he finally got a clean trip and could again show what a powerful colt he is!

Great race! Congrats to those who did well!
Can't wait to see what happens in the Belmont!

Pre-Preakness Jitters

I just wanted to get it out there, how much I really like the connections of Super Saver. These NBC stories are really getting to me this year. haha.

Calvin is such an awesome guy. Maybe it's just what I see, but I think he really loves his mounts and works like a dog to get the rides he does.

Pletcher, well, I've always liked him. He saddle a lot of great horses, and I think he's got another!
The owners seems like great people. Very proud of the horses they breed and run.

I don't know, I hope they win it all! But at the very least have tons of fun and great rides with this colt.

Ok, that's all! Enjoy the race!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Internet Comment on Rachel

So...maybe I am simply putting off the start of my final paper that's due tomorrow...or maybe I am actually perturbed by what I found while most definitely trying to put off starting that paper...

As I was going through ESPN's site like I usually do when procrastinating, I read a few articles in response to Rachel's efforts in the La Troienne...Obviously people are disappointed...but her trainer is relatively confident that she's not done winning quite yet. The PUBLIC on the other hand seem to think differently.

I was AMAZED by some of the anti-Rachel and anti-Rachel connection comments out there. Sure I agree with some statements of she may just not be the same horse, but I also agree with Asmussen in the fact that she is just a bigger girl now. After rewatching the La Troienne again, she has grown up a bit. Perhaps she is just adjusting to her new self, we know it takes people awhile, so why not a horse?

But there were tons of comments about how her connections are over running her. Thinking they were crazy to run her in the Preakness (I thought she ran that fairly easily), and then to run her against the males three times after that was simply absurd (but she beat them too). Many other people think she began to decline once she was sold. Many feel Asmussen is also just really good at taking excellent horses, riding the fame, and then ruining them (in which cases they site Curlin). They feel Calvin is suddenly doing a horrible job as a Jockey...holding her too long, whipping her too much, driving to her to the point the commenters feel she is going to kill herself. Is he? Is he really? Is winning the Oaks, Preakness, Woodward, and three Derbies (in four years I feel obligated to ad because I am very happy for him), and the other races with Rachel won last year really because he is a bad Jockey? Maybe this is because I am fan of this hyper and happy guy, but I think he is doing his job all right. And yes, maybe he does 'pat' his horses a little too energetically when he does well...but the horses don't seem to flick an ear or blink...I don't know....

For each of these comments there were at least ten more about how Rachel is overrated and should have been retired a long time ago. Overrated? Really? I mean yea, I still think (and always will) that Zenyatta should have been Horse of the Year, but let's say she wasn't in the running for it, who would have even come CLOSE to beating Rachel for it? She had a fantastic season! But, as the commenters would say, the horses she beat were nobodies...yea...I guess Macho Again is suddenly a nobody...of course they say he's a nobody because he beat a nobody Einstein is also a nobody....? I get confused by this. I thought the crop of three year olds she beat were fairly strong. I know many people scoff at Mine That Bird (we all know by now that I love him) but seriously, being able to hold off his late charge in the Preakness was still something. And she beat most of those horses again and again, not to mention adding in the crop of ol' guys with experience...But still a lot of people feel she is a nothing horses that should be sentenced to the breeding life now.

I wish we could talk to these animals. Really ask them how they are doing, if they still want to run...I think in the La Troienne Rachel showed an immense improvement of heart down the stretch. I think she really wanted it this time, but Unrivaled Belle wanted it a little more.

Rachel, I think you are still doing fine. Although I am beginning to think more and more that a Rachel v. Zenyatta showdown will never happen, I am still rooting for you Rachel.

Stay Strong, kick some ass, drop some jaws!
Found the pic on a random flickr link google led me's getting harder and harder to find pictures of her I haven't used and actually like....BUT I love this one! She has her ears up, which I have problems coming across it seems. She looks so happy and pretty, keep them ears up girl!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Super Win!

Wow wow wow! The Derby did not disappoint! Congrats to Super Saver! That was one heck of a run! Wow, just wow. Borel keeps showing that he is a dangerous contender on the rail! With Street Sense, Mine That Bird, and now Super Saver, that is three Derby wins all running up the rail. I LOVE watching that! No matter where they come from. That was a fun race, and Super Saver seemed really cool and collected afterward. Oh, and kudos to my mom for picking Super Saver!

Speaking of Borel, need to mention that he is the first jockey to win three Derbies in only four years! That is something special! He's going to be a Top Jock. (Totally off about Talamo? Twenty and had his second Derby mount! Both were serious contenders, even if they did lose or scratch).

Also...Todd Pletcher...they won't be able to spend next year constantly reminding everyone your lack of a Derby win! With twenty-seven horses saddled for the Derby, one finally pulled it off! Enjoy the win!

Last, but certainly not least, congrats to Glenn Fullerton! The man who was lucky enough to win the chance to make a $100,000 bet out of thousands of people...AND lucky enough to pick the winning horse! With Super Saver's odds, Glenn walked away with $900,000! Not bad eh?

What a great day! Congrats to all the winners and their connections (such as General Quarters, I was so happy to see him come back...and to win like that against Court Vision...whew...Loved it!)

For those of you who remember my picks...*sigh*...I was having an off day.
Devil May Care-10
Discreetly Mine-13
Dean's Kitten-14
Maybe I'll do better next year.

Super Saver, stay strong, stay healthy, and hopefully see you at the Preakness!

(Picture 1 is from ESPN's Gallery, Picture 2 is from

Friday, April 30, 2010

Opposite Oaks

Wow! Congrats to Blind Luck in winning the Oaks!

In the complete opposite style of the Oaks winning run by Rachel Alexandra, Blind Luck rallied from behind to win the Kentucky Oaks by a nose!

I'm glad she won! I liked her daddy (Polard's Vision) and I like her too! Hope she continues to run strong and healthy!