Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oh Dear, Rachel's Retired

Well, it happened. Reining horse of the year Rachel Alexandra has been retired.
That's the bad news. The GOOD news is it wasn't injury related. When I saw the head line...I was "Oh dear, what happened to the poor gal?" But luckily (as lucky as one can get when retired) she's still as healthy as ever. Her racing form, however, simply never returned to the bang up filly she was last year.For the record, I don't like her trainer...I don't think he quite knows how to keep horses in their prime, because once he gets them it seems that they drop from fame fast. But, I'm sure he knows more than me on the subject! It's just something to chew over. At least he was patient with her and gave her the chance to be the best she could be!

So now Rachel leaves the track to a "less stressful" life of breeding (other than the pregnancy, birthing, and pain the the a** colts, it's pretty easy =P ) and her first match.....*drum roll* Two time HOY Curlin. Yea, that's right. I don't know about you, but I think this could be an interesting match. I hope all goes well with RA and her colts will forever make a ruckus on the tracks!

Cheers Rachel Alexandra, if nothing else, you gave us a few amazing performances to remember!

(Thank you Google for having a good collection and these sites for having good pictures)

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  1. Just hoping that Rachel, after turning in a bullet work, is really okay.
    Great tribute! Great photos!

  2. I do kind of wonder why they retired her instead of letting her run this last race. I thought being the best out of 50 runs would have been tempting. But who knows, maybe they saw something and just knew it wouldn't be worth stressing her?

    And thanks in return! =)