Saturday, May 1, 2010

Super Win!

Wow wow wow! The Derby did not disappoint! Congrats to Super Saver! That was one heck of a run! Wow, just wow. Borel keeps showing that he is a dangerous contender on the rail! With Street Sense, Mine That Bird, and now Super Saver, that is three Derby wins all running up the rail. I LOVE watching that! No matter where they come from. That was a fun race, and Super Saver seemed really cool and collected afterward. Oh, and kudos to my mom for picking Super Saver!

Speaking of Borel, need to mention that he is the first jockey to win three Derbies in only four years! That is something special! He's going to be a Top Jock. (Totally off about Talamo? Twenty and had his second Derby mount! Both were serious contenders, even if they did lose or scratch).

Also...Todd Pletcher...they won't be able to spend next year constantly reminding everyone your lack of a Derby win! With twenty-seven horses saddled for the Derby, one finally pulled it off! Enjoy the win!

Last, but certainly not least, congrats to Glenn Fullerton! The man who was lucky enough to win the chance to make a $100,000 bet out of thousands of people...AND lucky enough to pick the winning horse! With Super Saver's odds, Glenn walked away with $900,000! Not bad eh?

What a great day! Congrats to all the winners and their connections (such as General Quarters, I was so happy to see him come back...and to win like that against Court Vision...whew...Loved it!)

For those of you who remember my picks...*sigh*...I was having an off day.
Devil May Care-10
Discreetly Mine-13
Dean's Kitten-14
Maybe I'll do better next year.

Super Saver, stay strong, stay healthy, and hopefully see you at the Preakness!

(Picture 1 is from ESPN's Gallery, Picture 2 is from


  1. Glad to see you're still writing. Hope you had a great semester!

  2. Yup I am. So long as there are still horses on the tracks, I will continue to write. ^_^