Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fun Racing in the Sun!

Ok, again I want to say how much I LOVESS Equibase's Virtual Stable! Because of their service, I was aware that Dean's Kitten (a Derby pick of mine) and General Quarters were running at Arlington Park on the some begging for rides...I GOT TO GO!

It has been way way way too long since I've seen racing at the actual track, and boy was it fun! (Even if it did get into the upper 90s). The TV simply does NOT do the speed of those magnificent animals speed! I loved it!
Most of my day was running back and forth from paddock to trackside getting pictures! It was so much fun, despite the massive draining affect it had.
And Goodness! General Quarters! Can there be a prettier grey out there? Wow, he is simply stunning in the flesh! I was way too excited to see him walk past me, a mere few feet away. AWESOME!!

Dean's Kitten is a pretty boy! He ran well too! He ended up getting 4th in his race, after actually getting 3rd but being DQ'd to 4th after running into another horse in the stretch, due to a left handed whip. Oh well...He was still pretty!

My handicapping, well that needs some work. >.< All the horses I bet on were out of the money (or DQ'd...Dean's Kitten, sadness) The last race we saw I didn't bet, but picked a horse just for fun...and well, of course that horse won. -_-'

Mam Bird (The horse that I should have bet on) was totally amazing to see horses I actually knew. It was beyond exciting!!

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