Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mega Happy

I had thought I could only dream of such a thing...but thanks to some awesome parents, I AM GOING TO THE BREEDER'S CUP!
Needless to say, I am a wee bit excited! Not only do I get to see the best of the best competing all in one day, have a chance to see some very famous jockeys both retired and in the irons, but I get to see Zenyatta's last race. Bittersweet indeed but I am glad that I can say I actually saw her! Makes me want her to win that much more! (Even though the ticket that I will get for her will not be cashed in).

But yay! I can't wait for it! Going to be a super day!

Can't wait to share pictures that I don't have to provide citations for! =D
(Unlike the Breeder's Cup Logo used:


  1. Sorry Zen didn't win!
    I've been looking for your photos, although I haven't gotten around to posting mine, yet either.
    Have a happy Thanksgiving.

  2. That did suck! But it was one heck of a run! So much heart!

    And I'm getting around to it...promise! But I only have video of the Classic. Working on getting some stills from it!! They will get up! =D

    Hope you had a good Thanksgiving yourself!!