Wednesday, November 23, 2011

This is impressive!

I don't care how you do it 20 for 20 with 18 of this being THIS YEAR!

Monday, Rapid Redux won his 20th career win in a row! This broke Zenyatta's record and he is close to matching Citation's since he has won 18 of these victories this year! This is what the sport it about. Horses going out and running, winning, and gaining a bigger fan base. Allowance, claimer, what have you, this is not easy! Awesome awesome job Rapid Redux! May you keep going strong!

Amazing job Rapid Redux! Go Baby Go!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Lasix...what about it?

There has been a lot of fuss recently about banning Lasix on Race Day here in America. The question is...should we?

I was honestly all for it, but then you get to reading, and it really can jumble your opinion. Why are we the only ones to use it on race day...are we wrong, or actually right? Should horses have to bleed to be put on it, or is it more humane to just give it to them? What about the rest of the world's horses? Are they seriously not bleeding? Is that because they don't get scoped for it? Because if it happens frequently the horse is forced into retirement? Because they breed "easy" bleeders out of the gene pool? Do they have other methods to prevent it?

There are just so many questions to ask, and no matter how many articles you read, it feels like you never get the straight story. They all seemed to be biased one way or another.

However, like it or not, North America is beginning to change the laws on Lasix. The Breeders' Cup has already stated a plan for a change. They are going to start by banning Lasix for 2 yr olds, and about the time the 2yr olds are in the "older horse" division, all horses running the The Breeders' Cup will be Lasix free on race day. There is talk about trying to pass a law that makes Graded races ban Lasix or risk losing the "graded" status. This is exactly the kind of talk going on in New York. A senator has introduced a bill to ban race day use of Lasix entirely.

I just can't help but think about the great horses of the past. Did they not bleed as much, or just not enough to be visible without scoping? Is that the case, or are our current crop of horses (running, breeding, all of them) truly just that weak in comparison? Did Man O' War have a bleeding problem? Is this like the other problems we are seeing in our horses these days: breakdowns, fewer starts, shorter careers? I just don't know.

Should Lasix be banned? I don't know. But one way or another, the near future holds the answer.Did he need this stuff to win the first Derby?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Delaware Handicap

Wow wow wow!! What a race! The older filly and mare division is definitely the hot group this season. Blind Luck and Harve de Grace squared off again in another thrilling stretch battle! Just watch it!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Slower Fractions, Fewer Fractures.

So many people this Derby season were complaining about how slow the horses ran in each of the jewels. Aside from the speedy opening times in the Preakness, many (novice and professionals alike) thought this to be the slowest and weakest crop of 3 yr old colts ever. I don't know about you, but I feel like we have been hearing this rant (or excuse) for more than a few years. Every time we get through the Triple Crown with no standouts, it's a weak crop of colts. So how many times are we going to say this before we do something about it?

This year has been crazy with the sideline list. While some colts, such as Uncle Mo, were taken out of training for reasons beyond a fracture, many are taking a break because of sustaining one.
Tapizar-Chip in the knee
Nehro-Chip in the ankle
Dialed In-Chip in the knee
Premier Pegasus-Cannon bone fracture
and now...
Kentucky Derby winner Animal Kingdom likely won't race until next March due to a fractured hock.

As mentioned, these are just the horses out for bone fractures, not to mention To Honor and Serve, Boys At Tosconova, and Jaycito who are out with ligament, back, and hoof problems respectively. What is going on? Many of these horses where either 2 yr old stars or thought to be the potential stars of the Triple Crown series. So my next question...what can be done?

We have taken out the steroids, are tinkering with the idea of banning Lasix, we've tried introducing polytrack and other softer surfaces (which leads to lots of complaints about 'real' horses running on 'real' dirt...need I mention the Zenyatta haters?) but still our horses are breaking down and the industry stands divided.

In a time when we really need a stand out superstar to win the public's hearts in the Triple Crown races and then stay and run a few more season, we can't even achieve the former. It is becoming all to common for us to shrug our shoulders and dismiss injuries as 'part of the sport' but instead, we need to be finding the cause. Perhaps the answer is in allowing or banning various drugs, making tracks that benefit the horses, jockeys, and all running types, or maybe even doing a breeding overhaul. Whatever, just do it already! I don't care if breeding for endurance and stability means we start running the Derby in 2:08+. If I get to see how my Derby fav does in his 4 yr and 5 yr old season, I think I will take that hit in speed. At this point, I just want to enjoy them on the track and have the horses enjoy running again.(Differentiate, Arlington Park-July 17th 2010)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dangerous Weather and a Close Call

This has been a crazy year for weather with flooding and tornadoes. Until now, there would be no reason for these horrifying storms to make it onto this blog, but yesterday Churchill Downs was hit by a bad storm.

While many barns and backside buildings underwent great damage, luckily (as of tonight) no horses nor humans were hurt in the storms. Due to the destruction, many horses escaped their stalls and were running loose around the grounds, but all have been safely caught. Neighboring tracks are opening their stalls and so far racing has been canceled.

For more picks, try this link to the Kentucky Derby's Facebook Page.

What a rough spring/summer this has been!

(Picture from

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jaycito and The Factor Out

Jaycito was taken out of Derby consideration because they want to give the hoof more time to heal. Trainer Bob Baffert and owner Ahmed Zayat both feel it is better to give him the time now and not risk ruining him by running him before he is ready. Zayat said he and Bob would never run a horse just for the sake of running. Given the stakes and the prestige of the Derby, I think this really shows a good minded owner and trainer.

The Factor is also out. After his devastating loss in his last start, he was found to have a displaced palate. Baffert feels the colt will not be fully recovered after the corrective surgery to run.

So much talent is missing the Derby. Who will win?

Friday, April 22, 2011

Jess Jackson

Owner of such greats as Rachel Alexandra and Curlin, Jess Jackson died today due to cancer related complications.

Although I honestly don't know much about the man, I do know that he campaigned two great horses to the public that loved them longer than most owners would feel necessary. He brought both horses back to the track to defend their title after their first Horse of the Year win, and luckily for him and Curlin, was rewarded by another title. That's the kind of ownership I like in horse racing. This horse is hot, everyone knows it, everyone likes them...let's bring them back a season before retiring to the shed. If we had more of that it may help the fan base.

So thank you Jess Jackson for giving us your horses time and time again. May you rest peacefully and may that colt next year be a good'n in your memory.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Why are all of my pre-Derby favorites getting injured?

No joke, the horses I was hoping to see in the gate and make a run for greatness but are injured:
Boys At Tosconova
Jaycito (hope he can recover in time. Fingers still crossed)
Premier Pegasus
To Honor And Serve

I'm afraid to back any other horses lest they be stricken down with some sort of ailment. As serious contenders I really only have a few more left in the race. Hopefully the other horses will remain healthy and we can still salvage some of what looked to be a very promising crop of 3 yr-olds.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Bit of Irony

For those of you unaware Zenyatta was bred to Bernardini and Rachel Alexandra to Curlin. Although I personally don't care, nor did I want to know, the exact time and how well Z's breeding went, her sight along with ESPN let everyone know, while another article dealt with the potential superstar Curlin and Rachel could produce. And oh dear...

The Z and Rachel ranters are at it again! Not only still talking about how Blame should beat HOY and Z is just a poly no-one, but how Z should still have beaten out Rachel for HOY the previous year. Beyond that, people are already loving or hating to foals! We don't even know if either mare took yet let alone that Z's baby will not run until she is four only to be in restricted races on synthetics or that Rachel's baby will suck the doors of Z's. Someone else said that the Rachel/Curlin pairing was a joke...that Bernardini has absolutely nothing to offer as a stud for he was another nobody. It's ridiculous but a little hilarious at the same time. Some people are happy at the on going rivalry while others simply want to move on! Especially since we have Rick Dutrow on his 64th suspension (64th!) for illegal drugging of horses to the point where NY racing is considering revoking his training liscense and as for's Triple Crown season people! Let's focus on the horses actually on the track! We could have a history maker this year and people will still be talking about two unborn foals. Really now.

So let's start looking forward to May! I'm getting excited! Of course, I have also already been let down... For whatever reason, I must admit, I cannot root for Uncle Mo. I know he is an amazing horse. I saw him win the Juvenile! There is no denying that he is and should be the Derby fav, but I just...don't like his name! Call me crazy but I like picking horses whom I think run fine and have a good name to boot (obviously personal preference here). That being said, my favorite 3 year old name goes to the colt, Jojo's Mojo. My nickname plus the name of my cat. I pretty much have to be a fan. However, he's not in the same class as these other my other picks? Boys At Tosconova...oh wait...pulled off the Derby trail because of no seen injury. He was just not working right and they don't want to screw the boy up. I can respect that. Ok, so Tapizar! Again...opps. Poor colt was taken off the road to the roses due to a bone chip. So I don't know whom I'm rooting for. I kind of like To Honor and Serve (we will see how he does in the Fountain of Youth), and Jaycito (again, just like the name). What about you guys? Any early picks?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Shipping News Swims

Shipping News was pulled up early in a race today before shortly collapsing on the track. The horse was suffering from heat exhaustion and was treated accordingly. After being taken care of, he regained enough strength and began running around the course until he finally jumped into the lake in the Tampa Bay Downs infield. Apparently people eventually got pantless to go in after him. Bizarre incident indeed. Hope he recovers quickly and fully.

For the full article check out ESPN.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Calvin to Dubai

Calvin Borel has been selected from American jockeys to take on a group of international jockeys at Dubai.

The spunky jockey was chosen because of his Kentucky Derby win on Super Saver. Calvin seems super happy be have been selected and feels it is a great honor to be respresenting the USA in thie jockey competition.

He will have to face some strong competition but hopefully his talent will shine through and he can ride the rail to victory.

Good Luck Calvin!

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Sport of Kings Bows to the Queen!

Congrats to all who one awards tonight and mega mega congrats to Zenyatta!! 2010 Horse of the Year!

Other Winners:
3 yr old colt- Lookin At Lucky
3 yr old filly- Blind Luck
2 yr old colt- Uncle Mo
2 yr old filly- Awesome Feather
Older Horse- Blame
Older Mare- Zenyatta
Male Sprinter- Big Drama
Female Sprinter- Dubai Majesty
Turf Mare- Goldikova
Turf Horse- Gio Ponti
Steeplechase- Slip Away
Top Jockey- Ramon Dominguez
Top Trainer- Todd Pletcher

Most of these I found to be no brainers, but after all the fuss for HOY I'm so glad it went to Zenyatta! I'm sure there will be many who thought she didn't deserve it but apparently those who decide the top horses thought she was something special! Needless to say many of the fans thought so too! Blame, you ran a good race too, and despite what many say will be remembered throughout time as the horse the beat Queen Z. Congrats Zenyatta and all the other winners! Can't wait to see what will happen this year! Best of health to all those running and riding!

Pic From NY Times Slideshow
Title from NTRA's BC Promo. It made me go.
Also Check Out Zenyatta's Online Diary