Sunday, April 19, 2015

Beyern Bounce

In a previous post, I mentioned the Bayern Bounce. For those who had watched the Breeders' Cup Classic, you know exactly what I am referring to.

At the break for the Classic, Shared Belief gets slammed as Bayern rockets out of the gate...sideways. There was a lot of debate about whether or not the eventual winner should have been disqualified. The main question was not whether or not he slammed into Shared Belief, but whether or not he did during the "jump" from the gate. Stewards give jockeys certain wiggle room when coming out of the gate. Seeing as it can be difficult to steer a charging horse to begin with, stewards give extra consideration when that horse is coming out of the gate. Whether or not the stewards made the right call is not really my concern. What is done is done. What is my concern is how long the complaints continued.

Was it the Bayern Bounce that cost Shared Belief the race? Maybe.
Maybe the gelding was simply out gunned that day too.
Would a horse the size of California Chrome been as affected? Maybe not.

Shared Belief is fairly small as far as race horses are concerned. That may of had a hand in the stewards decision. The bump would not have been as bad on a "normal" opponent. Does that change the fact it possibly changed the outcome of the race, causing Shared Belief to lose? Nope. It is just a theory. That bump had to hurt the little guy, even it was "just" his horse ego.

It reminds me of Goldikova.
In her fourth Breeders' Cup Mile win, she got beat up in the stretch. Being little as well, she got bounced around something fierce. I was waiting for an inquiry to be posted, but it never was. Like Shared Belief, it affected the outcome of the race. I don't know why it was dismissed, but it was. Nothing more than a theory and an interesting thought to ponder.

Stay safe. Stay sound. Stay savvy.

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