Monday, February 28, 2011

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Bit of Irony

For those of you unaware Zenyatta was bred to Bernardini and Rachel Alexandra to Curlin. Although I personally don't care, nor did I want to know, the exact time and how well Z's breeding went, her sight along with ESPN let everyone know, while another article dealt with the potential superstar Curlin and Rachel could produce. And oh dear...

The Z and Rachel ranters are at it again! Not only still talking about how Blame should beat HOY and Z is just a poly no-one, but how Z should still have beaten out Rachel for HOY the previous year. Beyond that, people are already loving or hating to foals! We don't even know if either mare took yet let alone that Z's baby will not run until she is four only to be in restricted races on synthetics or that Rachel's baby will suck the doors of Z's. Someone else said that the Rachel/Curlin pairing was a joke...that Bernardini has absolutely nothing to offer as a stud for he was another nobody. It's ridiculous but a little hilarious at the same time. Some people are happy at the on going rivalry while others simply want to move on! Especially since we have Rick Dutrow on his 64th suspension (64th!) for illegal drugging of horses to the point where NY racing is considering revoking his training liscense and as for's Triple Crown season people! Let's focus on the horses actually on the track! We could have a history maker this year and people will still be talking about two unborn foals. Really now.

So let's start looking forward to May! I'm getting excited! Of course, I have also already been let down... For whatever reason, I must admit, I cannot root for Uncle Mo. I know he is an amazing horse. I saw him win the Juvenile! There is no denying that he is and should be the Derby fav, but I just...don't like his name! Call me crazy but I like picking horses whom I think run fine and have a good name to boot (obviously personal preference here). That being said, my favorite 3 year old name goes to the colt, Jojo's Mojo. My nickname plus the name of my cat. I pretty much have to be a fan. However, he's not in the same class as these other my other picks? Boys At Tosconova...oh wait...pulled off the Derby trail because of no seen injury. He was just not working right and they don't want to screw the boy up. I can respect that. Ok, so Tapizar! Again...opps. Poor colt was taken off the road to the roses due to a bone chip. So I don't know whom I'm rooting for. I kind of like To Honor and Serve (we will see how he does in the Fountain of Youth), and Jaycito (again, just like the name). What about you guys? Any early picks?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Shipping News Swims

Shipping News was pulled up early in a race today before shortly collapsing on the track. The horse was suffering from heat exhaustion and was treated accordingly. After being taken care of, he regained enough strength and began running around the course until he finally jumped into the lake in the Tampa Bay Downs infield. Apparently people eventually got pantless to go in after him. Bizarre incident indeed. Hope he recovers quickly and fully.

For the full article check out ESPN.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Calvin to Dubai

Calvin Borel has been selected from American jockeys to take on a group of international jockeys at Dubai.

The spunky jockey was chosen because of his Kentucky Derby win on Super Saver. Calvin seems super happy be have been selected and feels it is a great honor to be respresenting the USA in thie jockey competition.

He will have to face some strong competition but hopefully his talent will shine through and he can ride the rail to victory.

Good Luck Calvin!