Friday, June 25, 2010

Silly Video Games

All right, this shouldn't come as a huge surprise to anyone, but I am a frequent player of horse racing games. Of course you go through some of these games and go, "Hey! That looks like...(some horse)" but of course, the do simply look like the real thing. In fact, these games come with a disclaimer:

Any resemblance to any human or animal, living or dead, is simply coincidental and unintentional.

Or something like that. You get the picture, they don't mean to have the horses be another horse. (Except in the NTRA published game, in which point you can race the legend, it's fun and an exception) But general game play horses are not meant to be anything but fictional.

However, I am currently playing GI Jockey 3...and they are doing a bad job of hiding these real life horse replicas. For far I have come across:

Pint Given
Lemon Syrup Kid
Peripheral Ensign
The Min Man
Winning Honors
Street Ply
Go For Band
Sunday Science
DC Indy
Easy Grower

These horses are the same coat color, gender, and run under the same colors they did on the track. Yea, totally a coincidence. I'm just hoping I come across a super awesome bay named Cigarette or maybe a chestnut named Man O' Peace....War Sergeant vs SeaMuffin?

Don't get me wrong, I totally love this game! I just find it really find it funny that this is supposed to be merely a coincidence and totally unintentional. If you play this game, let me know what other horses are out there!

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