Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jaycito and The Factor Out

Jaycito was taken out of Derby consideration because they want to give the hoof more time to heal. Trainer Bob Baffert and owner Ahmed Zayat both feel it is better to give him the time now and not risk ruining him by running him before he is ready. Zayat said he and Bob would never run a horse just for the sake of running. Given the stakes and the prestige of the Derby, I think this really shows a good minded owner and trainer.

The Factor is also out. After his devastating loss in his last start, he was found to have a displaced palate. Baffert feels the colt will not be fully recovered after the corrective surgery to run.

So much talent is missing the Derby. Who will win?

Friday, April 22, 2011

Jess Jackson

Owner of such greats as Rachel Alexandra and Curlin, Jess Jackson died today due to cancer related complications.

Although I honestly don't know much about the man, I do know that he campaigned two great horses to the public that loved them longer than most owners would feel necessary. He brought both horses back to the track to defend their title after their first Horse of the Year win, and luckily for him and Curlin, was rewarded by another title. That's the kind of ownership I like in horse racing. This horse is hot, everyone knows it, everyone likes them...let's bring them back a season before retiring to the shed. If we had more of that it may help the fan base.

So thank you Jess Jackson for giving us your horses time and time again. May you rest peacefully and may that colt next year be a good'n in your memory.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Why are all of my pre-Derby favorites getting injured?

No joke, the horses I was hoping to see in the gate and make a run for greatness but are injured:
Boys At Tosconova
Jaycito (hope he can recover in time. Fingers still crossed)
Premier Pegasus
To Honor And Serve

I'm afraid to back any other horses lest they be stricken down with some sort of ailment. As serious contenders I really only have a few more left in the race. Hopefully the other horses will remain healthy and we can still salvage some of what looked to be a very promising crop of 3 yr-olds.