Saturday, August 21, 2010

Races Worth a Million!

WOW! That was an incredible race! Just when you thought Gio Ponti had it won, here comes little Debussy on the rail, with his jock pulling a "Calvin Borel" as the announcer called it by flying up the rail!
Gio Ponti and his jockey ran a great race! Coming in a close second, and even though he thought he had it won, the jockey kept urging Gio Ponti on. However, Debussy just "sprouted wings" and ran down the turf champion! I was super excited, because, although I like Gio Ponti (and General Quarters who was regretably way out of the money) I randomly picked Debussy before the post parade because I thought he was pretty and it was odd he wasn't being ponied. (And if you watched after the race, he was trying to bite that his pony horse the entire way back the winner's circle!) When I saw a horse come flying up the rail, I was "come on Gio Ponti! Hold it!" then I saw it was my colt and was "COME ON!!!! CATCH HIM!!! GO BABY GO!!" Funny how things change!

Simply amazing!

Paddy O'Prado was 1st in the Secretariat Stakes, Dean's Kitten coming in 5th.
Eclair de Lune was the winner of the Beverly D. there as well.
Elsewhere at Saratoga, Blind Luck took the win against Devil May Care! Wow! Congrats! If betting I would have been safe here too! Seeing as I would have placed both to win! So, lost one won one! But wow that was a neat race! Blind Luck came zoomin from behind to get into a stretch battle with Harve De Grace. Amazing!

And just an odd tidbit, Debussy the person was a composer of a song called Clair de Lune. Neat!

Congrats to all the winning connections! I hope all the horses come back healthy!

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