Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ok...Really Now. Deja Vu.

I have definately said it before...but just for the record...this Rachel Alexandra vs Zenyatta thing is most definately turning into a War Admiral vs Seabiscuit thing.

Despite all the points brought out in my previous blog, Modern Seabiscuit vs War Admiral, such as the whole West vs East thing, one being older, the other being a super star three year old, the one not thinking they need to prove anything by racing the other amazing horse, etc. Now Oaklawn is making an amazingly huge purse for one of their Grade I races. The purse has recently shot up to $5 million if both girls show up, otherwise it will remain at $500,000 dollars. Seriously folks, this match race is worth $4.5 million dollars! That's huge!

Hope we actually get to see this! Good luck and Good health to both you amazing mares!

Picture is from another totally awesome blog.
Summerhill Stud, Check it out!

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