Monday, February 1, 2010

Congrats Rachel

Sorry this is so long over due, but Congratulations to Rachel Alexandra for taking Horse of the Year! No one can say you didn't earn it.

Sorry Zenyatta, you were unbelievably amazing this year as well! But there has been some minor talk about you not being done yet...which is odd since I swore they had the breeding date already...But I'd rather have you back! So good luck with that! Continue to kick ass!

And as for you Rachel, we know you will come back and kick ass! So stay healthy, stay strong, and stay fast! Everyone enjoys watching that filly run and I hope to see her doing that for a few more years yet. Maybe they'll allow her to pull a Zenyatta at this year's BC Classic. I can hope right?

Congrats again to Rachel! It was an amazing year with some amazing runs! Keep it up! Your fans are forever rooting for you!

Congrats to all the other Eclipse winners! Your wins were no small feat either!

Go Baby Go.

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