Friday, October 16, 2009

Don't Be Dumb Girl

Ok...for those of you who don't know...I love Zenyatta. I think she owns her competition even in her 'off' days, is fun to watch, and hands down a true beauty....but I don't think she can beat the Breeder's Cup Boys.

I'm sorry girl, I love ya, but I really hope your racing connections put you for the sure win in the Ladies' Classic. Not saying I would love to see her take on the boys, but now is not the time. This just reminds me a bit too much of Azeri. 2002 BC Distaff...Azeria kicks total questions asked...takes a break...starts a winning streak in 2003....takes on the guys in the BC Classic....performs decently...but loses...I want to say 6th? Anyway, she could have easily won against the gals...I know people want to prove something...but don't be dumb. Race your horse where they should be raced. Maybe it would just be my shabby, inexperienced owning skills...but I would go for the sure thing in the Breeder's Cup...especially this year...there are too many talented colts and horses in the Classic to risk it all.

But maybe that's just me.

Zenyatta...despite where you go...kick ass!


  1. Have you actually *seen* Zenyatta up close? The male horses look like shetland ponies next to her! To not risk it all would be a sorry end to her, and a real insult to her talents. This is a perfect horse. It's not about statistics, it is about cajones (yeah, I know she's a girl). The only real competition is Conduit if he runs. She has won the ladies classic (last year) and she needs to proove that she is the best in the world by running in the Classic. She has absolutly no need to proove she is the world's best female horse-- she now needs to proove she is the worlds best horse. -- best wishes with your blog

  2. Well, we'll see what happens. They are still talking about running her in the Classic. It just seems odd that a sport based mostly on money would take such a risk. *shrugs* If she runs, I hope she wins.

    Are they really lookiing at Conduit in the Classic? Why not the Turf? Same agrument I guess. >.<

    Thanks for the wishes.
    Happy Racing. ^_^