Saturday, November 7, 2009


Holy Shib. Just minutes have passed since the Classic...and I'm still didn't think she would win even if I wanted her to...but damn she proved many a people wrong! Way to Kick Ass Girl! You're everything I love in a race horse, huge, dark, late runner, personality, and simply amazing! That was an impressive run beyond words! Even after all that gate trouble, she came from behind to easily win. What a race! Congrats Gal! You're career has been amazing! Overall, glad they challenged you and you proved, it wasn't much of a challenge. Way to Go. Those are the races you will never forget. Horse of the Year should be headed your way. (The crowd thinks so ^_^) As always, what a great weekend! Sorry Mine That Bird, I still love you. Einstein you too! Congrats to Conduit for getting the turf again. Goldikova showed the boys again (that was a fun race...I wish I had the trifecta because I thought Courageous Cat was pretty and I liked Justenoughhumors's name -_-') California flag was fun to watch, loved the jump on the dirt. The Marathon was crazy close! Oi. Too much greatness! I could go on forever! Just a wonderful weekend! Congrats to all the Horses, Jockeys, Trainers, and Owners! Love the Breeder's Cup!!
And if a representative of Breyer is reading...Zenyatta would make a pretty pretty model. ^_^


  1. Well arent you just SO Happy to be wrong!!!
    Her story is HISTORY!!!
    Love that Lady

  2. The only thing better than Mike Smith (God Blesses Him) riding Zenyatta would have been Lady Godiva herself steering the victory Love that Mike!!! Looking sharp...

  3. Happy is the wrong word. haha. I still wanted the Bird or Einstein to get it...even though I knew they wouldn't. -_-' But I AM happy for Zenyatta. I just wish she wasn't done.

    I like Mike better in the saddle. Silks are a good things. =P And he is such an amazing Jockey.

  4. not according to some folks who have bet him and lost... but they are talking money not relationships! irregardless, i think she will be a pin up...