Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Taking on the Boys

"...the most exciting filly sent along the road to the Kentucky Derby since Winning Colors, the last female to win America's race," says Paul Moran in an article on

Just who is he talking about? Paul is referring to a new filly on the scene by the name of Stardom Bound. He mentions earlier in his article how she is aptly named. She was the Champion 2 year-old filly in 2008 winning some of the biggest filly races out there including the Breeder's Cup Juvenile Filly. Her latest performance was winning the Las Virgenes Stakes, which she did very impressively. She started the race last and was a good eleven horse lengths from the leader for over half the race. Even when she turned for the finish she wasn't in the front. Actually, she was stuck behind horses. But jockey Mike Smith (rider of Zenyatta and featured in Animal Planet's series 'Jockeys') found and opening and the filly took off! With a mere two taps with his whip she won and she won easily. If you don't believe me, watch it for yourself.

For her next race, Stardom is being pointed toward the Santa Anita Derby where she will be facing the boys for the first time. Although this is usually a scary thing for owners and trainers, the company of Stardom Bound do not seem too worried about how their girl will handle the boys. If she does well or possibly wins this race she is most likely going to head to the Kentucky Derby. Although the Kentucky Derby is open to any gender of horse, usually only the colts run while the fillies stick to the Kentucky Oaks (race for three year-old fillies only). If she doesn't perform well against the boys, she will probably set her course for the Oaks where she is likely to win. Either way she is going to be a fun girl to watch. Whether she is creaming the boys or growing famous against the girls, keep an eye on her.

Personally, I hope she wipes the floor with the boys in the Santa Anita and at the very least gives them a good run at the Derby. It's always exciting to watch a filly take on the boys, especially fillies with such talent.

Good luck Stardom Bound! I'll be watching!

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