Thursday, February 19, 2009

Movie in the Making

He is a hero, a legend, a racing icon...just who is he? Secretariat, one of the best horses in all of North American racing. Although it has been years since he won the Belmont Stakes and Triple Crown by a staggering thirty-one horse lengths, his name still lingers around the racetracks.

Commonly referred to as "Big Red", Secretariat brought horse racing back to the homes of the common man. Although many horses make the bid for the Triple Crown, not as many gain the attention Secretariat did. Even the common folk realized there was something special in this horse and the nation watched as a legend worked his way into history breaking a twenty-five year Triple Crown dry spell, being the first horse to win the three races since Citation.

Now the legend is being turned into a movie.

Bill Knack (write of “Secretariat: The Making of a Champion”) is working with writer Mike Rich and Disney Studios to help recreate the amazing story that is Secretariat's racing career.

Currently the team is still in the beginning of try to get everything organized. Although gaining usage rights as well as thoroughly researching Secretariat, the connections with the movie are already scouting out potential places to shoot and are eager to get the filmming in motion.

The more I get involved with horse racing the more I hear about Secretariat. He is quickly gaining ground on my favorites list and has earned my upmost respect as a racehorse and as an athelte. The release of this movie will be anticipated by me and most of the people who watched him as he did all he knew how to do: win.

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