Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Real Reality Show

As mentioned in my last blog about Vader thinking he was SweetNorthernSaint, I was able to go home this past weekend which means I was also able to watch my many channels of cable. Oh how I missed the Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, and the many others I have grown so accustomed to, but the channel I miss most was Animal Planet. Needless to say I was beyond ecstatic when I flipped on the TV and realized the time change didn't make me miss the premiere of Animal Planet's new reality show, Jockeys.The show follows the lives of seven Jockeys as they ride through a season at Santa Anita Park. I found it was a rather interesting show, although I am not as saddened about missing future episodes as I thought I would be. They don't really spend any time talking about the horses the Jockeys are riding, which is understandable, but I was hoping for a little something more. Yes, it is titled Jockeys...but it is on Animal Planet, I just wanted a little more balance between what the Jockeys actually do between races. Believe it or not, they do spend more time with the horses than just during the race. The races themselves are also poorly covered. They show the Jockeys' connections in the stands more than they do the Jockeys' on the track which meant a lot of really cool horse racing moments were missed.

Although the show has a few aspects I would have fixed or changed, it is still enjoyable. It gives a different view on the racing industry because surprisingly, reporters talk more to owners than they do Jockeys. I'm glad the Jockeys are finally getting their rough lives out there. Even I didn't know how hard it was to make a buck as a Jockey, so the show has its up points.

In all, I plan to watch the show when I am at home and I will enjoy it all the same. If you have the opportunity to watch some Animal Planet and want to learn about Jockey life, flip on the channel Friday nights at 9.

Jockeys. Watch It!

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