Friday, October 16, 2009

Don't Be Dumb Girl

Ok...for those of you who don't know...I love Zenyatta. I think she owns her competition even in her 'off' days, is fun to watch, and hands down a true beauty....but I don't think she can beat the Breeder's Cup Boys.

I'm sorry girl, I love ya, but I really hope your racing connections put you for the sure win in the Ladies' Classic. Not saying I would love to see her take on the boys, but now is not the time. This just reminds me a bit too much of Azeri. 2002 BC Distaff...Azeria kicks total questions asked...takes a break...starts a winning streak in 2003....takes on the guys in the BC Classic....performs decently...but loses...I want to say 6th? Anyway, she could have easily won against the gals...I know people want to prove something...but don't be dumb. Race your horse where they should be raced. Maybe it would just be my shabby, inexperienced owning skills...but I would go for the sure thing in the Breeder's Cup...especially this year...there are too many talented colts and horses in the Classic to risk it all.

But maybe that's just me.

Zenyatta...despite where you go...kick ass!

Can't Sea the Stars

*sighs* Sea the Stars, European Turf Champ and quite possibly their best horse, will not be coming to the Breeder's Cup...because he is done racing. Three years old...I know this is typical...but it still depresses the hell out of me.
Money Money Money. Sea the Stars was not injured...not even sore. I can understand giving the boy a well deserved break after a long and great season...but why no return next year? Is it really just because of the stud money?

So many great horses are retired before they get a chance to truly shine, let alone defend all their titles. But oh well. That's horse racing.

Congrats again Sea the Stars, it was a great career, I just wish I could have watched you more.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Summer of the Bird

So wow. I try not to get too excited about a certain horse but this little guy is making it hard. Not many thought much of Summer Bird before he took the Belmont by storm, but now he has proven he needs to be watched after taking the other two hot summer races., The Travers and the now the Jockey Gold Cup. This boy is just peaking at the right time. My only hopes are he comes up happy when they check him a few days and stays happy and healthy so he can take a run at the Breeder's Cup Classic. Although making himself a firm candidate for 3 year-old champ, a decent run let alone a win, in the Classic would almost guarantee a Horse of the Year nomination, if not the title itself. This is just another reason why I love horse racing, one day you are a long shot in the Belmont, and the next you are a contender of Horse of the Year. Good luck to you Summer Bird! On a side note, I would also like to send my congrats to Sea the Stars and Jockey Mick Kinane, who took the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe. This makes his sixth consecutive race win, and needless to say he has earned the right to travel across the pond and run against the other great Turf horses out there in the Breeder's Cup Turf. Good luck to him too!! I can't wait for the Breeder's Cup!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Better Talk Now

Before I even start this...I must say that gelding are the best damn thing for the racing world. Not being tied to the breeding world, therefore the major money earners, they are on the track forever! Just to name a few, Funny Cide, Forego, John Henry, Phar Lap, Lava Man, Well Armed, and they new boy on the seen, Mine That Bird. Some great legends or legends in the making were just listed...most of which because they were left on the track to continue their legacy, which they tend to make after there colleagues have been retired for stud. The focus of this entry is another on of those greats, one that I have been watching for what seems like forever. Better Talk Now, the ten year-old gelding has been retired. Just before he was to run his last race, the old guy tore a ligament in a leg. After winning $4 million dollars in purse earning, he's going to retire to a life of being turned out into a paddock and munching grass. I still remember that 2004 Breeder's Cup Turf race where with a visible swish of the tail, Better Talk Now just went for it. Even after a few blunders and mishaps in the stretch, Better Talk Now went on to win in an impressive manner. It was such an exciting day, and I have enjoyed any other time he has set foot on the track, whether he won, placed, showed, or simply blew it, I was always pulling for him and glad to watch him run! Although I will miss him on the racing seen, I am glad that his injury is minor instead of a life threatening problem. I hope the boy enjoys his break as much as we enjoyed his racing!

Save public interest!

Power to the geldings!