Thursday, April 2, 2009

Special Search

As mentioned in my last blog, I feel I need to get to know the great horses in racing better after letting Alysheba's talent slip under my radar for too long.

With this in mind I went back to Blood Horse's Top Hundred Horses in the 20th Century list and chose a name I didn't recognize and liked.

That is how I found him.

Tom Fool. He was a special horse from his first races as a two year old to his last races as a four year old. As a two year old he won five of his seven starts with the other two races being seconds. This sort of record is immpressive for an advanced horse, but for a young kid it is near amazing. Because of this he became top two year old in 1951.

As a three year old year was a little rough. Although he still won most of his races, the colt was pulled off the track for a two month lay off. This happened because after a second place finish it was found he was running a high fever and was rather ill. He came back strong that year and still had an impressive season.

Tom Fool's four year old season was simply magnificent. He won ten races in a row, which also happened to be the ten races he ran that season. Therefore he left the track undefeated, making him 1953 horse of the year.

Yet another amazing horse to become a Champion.

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