Friday, April 9, 2010

Great Win, Great Comeback, and a Great Loss

A lot has happened in the horse world. Happy and sad...

First off, a Great Win! A BIG congrats to Zenyatta! Another race, and still a perfect record! Stay strong and continue to kick it!

Secondly, a Great Comeback. Ok, so it may or may not be great...but Stardom Bound is making her way back to the track! In a previous post, it was mentioned that there was a bunch of fuss around this girl, and hopefully she'll be able to prove that she hasn't lost it!

Lastly, a Great Loss. Unfortunately for the racing world, another legend leaves us. Personal Ensign died at age 26. She was a great mare both on the track and in the pastures. After a horrific accident, she came back as a three year-old and won 13 of her 13 starts, including a Breeder's Cup win against Winning Colors. She won both Champion Older Mare and Broodmare of the Year. Her legacy will live on.

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