Friday, June 26, 2009

Rachel Not Running?

What's the real reason Rachel is making a pass at the Breeder's Cup? I cannot make myself believe that something as simple as the Pro-Ride surface stopping this magnificent filly from stomping her competition yet again.
When quoted in ESPN's Article: Who Is Ducking Whom, Jackson says he doesn't want to take the risk with Rachel. That he saw how much Curlin struggled in the synthetic and doesn't want to worry Rachel with it...but the difference is...Rachel has run and won on a synthetic track. Yes, she did it when she was two, but has she not improved since then? With her past two performances I would say she has...wouldn't you? Now there are rumors going around about the the new owners simply not want to damage Curlin's legacy as suggested in Jeremy Plonk's article. Like Rachel winning at Santa Anita's track would make Curlin any less of a horse? Or are they afraid to run her against the mares and take on Zenyatta?

Whatever their reason is...I must admit I am disappointed. I'm sure there will be horses showing up to the Breeder's Cup who are either untested on synthetics or ran poorly on it who will show up anyway. Why not her? Please, if I am missing something, enlighten me.

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