Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Have Found My Derby Pick

As mentioned countless times, the Kentucky Derby is one of the most watched races in North America, and I am one of the millions that tune in for the race.

Each year I usually spend the months before Derby day to comb over stats of all the three year olds on the Derby trails, so come that first Saturday in May I am well prepared with three or so horses to choose from to win.

This year has been no different. For the most part I have been focusing on upcoming filly Stardom Bound and the Louisiana Derby winner, Friesan Fire as my main Derby hopefuls. However, this all changed on a visit to ESPN.com I made not twenty minutes ago.

The new horse on my list is relatively untested in racing, having only run in four races. The only reason he was mentioned on ESPN's webpage was because he had a decent work out on a very muddy track. So what draws me to this horse if he isn't impressive? His name: Theregoesjojo.

Although this may seem insignificant to nearly everyone reading this, the name has some connections to me personally. First off, it isn't unlikely for people in my family to call me Jo, or even Jojo. A primary factor to this was my love of PowerPuff Girls arch nemesis Mojo Jojo.

So what about the first part of the name? Well, I ran track during my secondary schools years, and as good parents will, mine were always cheering from the sidelines. GO JO! And go I did.

So even though Theregoesjojo really has no amazing qualities to speak of, I feel I must root for him come the Kentucky Derby.

I've mentioned before that I often pick horses by whether or not their names sound like they should be called first, so here's hoping that on May 2nd the announcer will yell: AND THEREGOESJOJO! Winning the 135th Kentucky Derby!!

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